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24th October 2017 
French Faience. Samadet Bouquetiere

French Faience late 18th.C. Bouquetiere from South West France

A Bouquetiere or wall-mounted flower holder, possibly Samadet, decorated with flowers in shades of lilac, green, yellow and blue on a creamy-white ground. The depiction of the flowers and the colours used, suggest the Samadet faiencerie in the Bordeaux region, and that the piece dates from the late 18th.C. This flower-holder, with perforations for flowers outlined in yellow and blue, is in excellent undamaged condition, with no restoration.
Size: Width 19cm., Height 9cm., depth 10.5cm
Ref : K470 ~ Price 85GBP

French Faience. SW France Corne d'Abondance Plate

South West of France Corne D'Abondance French Faience Dish

A deep dish with a design of a cornucopia and accompanying 'merle' or blackbird in vibrant colours of green, blue. manganese and yellow, probably from the Cognac faiencerie. The painting is spontaneous and 'rustic' and the glaze finish to the dish has several 'skips' or kiln losses. A very interesting variant on a Nevers design, this dish probably dates from the late 18th. or the early 19th.C. The condition is extremely good, with rubs to the rim edge and some crazing to the enamel on the base, together with the glaze faults.
Size: Diam.22.4cm., depth 3.7cm
Ref: W029 ~ Price 40GBP

French Faience. Early 19th.C French Faience Chinois Encrier

French Faience de l'Est Early 19thC. Encrier 'Au Chinois'

This interesting footed double inkwell and pen tray, carefully decorated in the 'Chinois' style of the Les Islettes Faiencerie, dates from c.1800-25. The decoration features a Chinese man (with a 'fat' finger) resting against a rock, surrounded by pink plumes of honeysuckle and other flowers. All sides of this piece are decorated, and the edges are outlined in pink. This desirable encrier has seen wear: the pounce pot has a severely chipped edge that is repairable, and the main inkwell has been replaced. Edges have rubs, with a section of the front edge broken and poorly re-glued, and there is a filled in chip at the top back edge. (More pictures are available on request). Despite these faults, this is a handsome early piece, worthy of collection.
Size: Length 16cm., depth 10cm., height 5.5cm.
Ref: Y025 ~ Price 58GBP

French Faience. Vieillard Oriental Flat Vase

Vieillard French Faience Oriental Design Vase c1880

This delightful Vieillard earthenware vase is decorated in relief enamelling on a ground pattern of blue scales. The oriental design is of straps and flowers in cartouches. The vase is in very good undamaged condition, with only a little discolouration on the inside top edge. It bears the impressed marks to the base '403' and 'B', and the marks 'D216' and '06' painted in black, and dates from c1880.
Size: Height 10.5cm., width 9.5cm., depth 4cm.
Ref: T013 ~ Price 45GBP

French Faience. Choisy Polychrome Plate

Choisy French Faience Polychrome Plate

This attractive polychrome plate, No.5 of a series, depicts quarreling military outside an inn. The border, outlined in blue, is of floral branches in relief. The back is marked ' H&B manufacture de 1/2 Porcelaine de Choisy' stamped in black, and impressed, 'Porcelaine de Choisy'. The plate dates from 1843-63 and is in very good, unrestored condition, with one small area of enamel loss.
Size: Diam. 21cm.
Ref: Q003 ~ Price 45GBP

French Faience. Nevers Blackbird & Corucopia Plate

Nevers French Faience Early Blackbird and Cornucopia Plate

This early French Faience plate, dating from around 1800, features a design which is strong, vibrant and readily recogniseable. The pictorial composition shows a fruit and flower-filled cornucopia, being closely observed by a blackbird, with Nevers 'flowers' to the edge of the plate, all in bright greens, blues and yellows. The condition of the plate is very good, with just a few rubs and kiln marks to the edge, and some light scratching, denoting usage, to the centre.
Size: Diam. 22cm.
Ref: Y065 ~ Price 55GBP

French Faience. French Faience de l'Est Epinal  Plate

French Faience de l'Est 18thC Epinal Plate

This very attractive plate, decorated in delicate colours of blue, green and carmine, features the 'oeillets d'Epinal' or small carnations and leaves, some in manganese-pink, dispersed across the sides and centre of the piece. A similar plate is featured in the book 'Faiences Parlantes', published by Massin. This piece dates from the late 18thC., and its condition is good for its age, with several chips to the carmine-outlined edge, only one of which is of any depth of loss of enamel. The plate's surface is, however, unscratched and brilliant, with the carnations and leaves in immaculate condition. The plate carries no identification marks.
Size: Diam. 22.5cm.
Ref: N336 ~ Price 35GBP