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24th October 2017 
Quimper, Malicorne & Desvres . Fourmantraux Freres Female with 2 Large Baskets

Desvres Fourmaintraux Freres Woman with two large Baskets

This sculptural female figure is wearing a blue striped long dress, overlaid with an apron and a long floral-decorated mantle. She carries a large, floral-decorated basket on each arm, and wears a hooded headdress. The underside of the square base carries the manganese marks '1899 FF' and 'Boulogne - sur - Mer' of the Fourmaintraux Freres Faiencerie. The only obvious damage is to the woman's nose, the tip of which is chipped. Also the handle of one of the baskets may have been expertly repaired. Nonetheless the overall condition of this piece is excellent, with the painting particularly fine.
Size: Height 13.7cm., max.width 11cm.
Ref: Y083 ~ Price 75GBP

Quimper, Malicorne & Desvres . HB Quadruple Sabot Tower Vase

HB Quimper 1890's Quadruple Sabot Tower Vase

This unusual and early piece, featuring three sabots supporting a fourth, is painted with care and attention to detail, the colour remaining amazingly fresh and unfaded. The subjects are male and female Bretons, in classic poses, flanked by garlands, with dots and florets on the underside of the top sabot. The condition of the vase is excellent for its age, with rubs to the top edge and to the toe of one supporting sabot, a small chip to the side of another, and a shallow chip to the side of the top sabot. The vase is marked 'HB' in blue to the underside of one of the lower sabots.
Size: Height 22.5cm., base triangular of side 7cm.
Ref: Y064 ~ Price 65GBP

Quimper, Malicorne & Desvres . Malicorne Coq 1914 Bowl

Malicorne Coq 1914 Large Bowl

The design featured on this large bowl is of a French cockerel, wings outspread and with a clawed foot on a German helmet and the inscription 'Vive La France 1914-1915'. The 'decor au coq' is found in a variety of forms on post-Revolutionary French ceramics, but commemorative pieces of this type are more rare. The colours of the design on a grey-white body colour are still vibrant. The base bears the signature of the maker and artist Gustave Leroy Dubois, who worked in Malicorne from 1899-1918. The dish has typical Malicorne crazing and a faint 6cm hairline from a rim rub; there are other rubs and two small chips. This remains an unusual and colourful piece in good condition overall.
Size: 23cm by 23.5cm; depth 8cm.
Ref: W015 ~ Price 50GBP

Quimper, Malicorne & Desvres . Henriot Quimper Petite Bretonne Star-Shaped Inkwell

Henriot Quimper French Faience Petite Bretonne Star-shaped Inkwell

This attractive small six-pointed HenRiot Quimper Inkwell has its original inkpot and cover, and is decorated in blue, orange and green, featuring 'a la touche' garlands and a seated female on the main inkwell. It is marked 'HenRiot Quimper' in blue on the base, dates from the 1930's, and is in reamarkably good condition. Just one small chip on one point, and some ink on the inkpot.
Size: Width 10.5cm., height 8cm.
Ref.Y063 ~ Price 50GBP

Quimper, Malicorne & Desvres . HR Quimper Pair of Figural Ashtrays

HR Quimper French Faience Figural Ashtrays

These two Ashtrays from the Henriot Quimper Faiencerie date from the first quarter of the 20th. Century. Each leaf-shaped tray is carefully decorated with Breton Figures, associated foliage, and other traditional designs. The two pieces are not decorated by the same hand, but they have features in common. Both trays are in very good, bright and unused condition, although the stem of the Breton leaf dish has been broken and repaired. The two trays are an unusual and distinctive "pair", and each is marked 'HR Quimper' to the front.
Size: Length 20cm., max.width 10cm.
Ref: Y074 and Y075 ~ Price 40GBP (the pair).

Quimper, Malicorne & Desvres . Desvres Fourmaintraux Courquin Armorial Plate

Desvres French Faience Fourmaintraux-Courquin Armorial Plate

This very attractive plate, with sensitively painted detail in a range of colours, including a less usual sage green, has an unidentified central coat of arms, and is thought to be a 'fantasy' piece. It is, however, very clearly identified on the base with the Formaintraux-Courquin mark in blue, dating the plate to 1875-1900. The base rim of the plate is pierced for hanging, and the plate is in almost pristine condition, with only two very small rear edge faults in the glaze.
Size: Diam. 24cm.
Ref: Y041 ~ Price 35GBP

Quimper, Malicorne & Desvres . HB Quimper Bretonne Figure with floral Ajonc and Croisille pattern border

HB Quimper French Faience Female Plate of a Pair of Sujet Ordinaire Plates with Cloisonne Pattern Borders

The second of a pair of interesting plates c1930, featuring a beautifully painted female figure carrying a basket and an umbrella. This plate has a floral Ajonc and Croisille Pattern border and is in near perfect condition, with particularly fine central figure.
Size: Max.diam. 24cm., depth 2.5cm.
Ref: Z015B ~ Price 55GBP

Quimper, Malicorne & Desvres . Henriot lobed dish

HR Quimper French Faience Small Eight-Lobed Petit Breton Plate

This small plate with an eight-lobed edge features a Breton man,standing with folded arms between two floral sprays, and an 'a la touche' border in shades of red, green and blue, with blue predominantly defining the edge. It is a pleasant, small piece in excellent condition, save for one small loss of glaze on the rim of one lobe. Signed HR Quimper on the rear and dating from 1903-1922,.
Size: Diam. 20cm.
Ref: Y071 ~ Price 35GBP

Quimper, Malicorne & Desvres . HR Quimper Breton Small Plate

HR Quimper Breton French Faience Small Plate

This small plate with a scalloped edge, is similar to the Y073 HR Quimper Bretonne plate, but has a different pattern of floral sprays, and less red in the colouring. Again demi-fantaisie floral sprays surround the figure, in this case a Breton, traditionally carrying a stock whip. Signed HR Quimper to the front, it dates from 1891-1922, and is in excellent condition with just some manufacturing glaze skips on the rim.
Size: Diam. 18cm.
Ref: Y072 ~ Price 18GBP

Quimper, Malicorne & Desvres . Malicorne Leroy-Dubois Biberon

Malicorne French Faience Biberon with Petit Breton - Like Decoration

The Malicorne Faiencerie produced copies of Quimper designs from the late 19th.C onwards, and this Biberon, or water carrier, dates from around 1900. The decorative detail, flower gardens and Petit Breton-like young gentleman with flower have all the characteristics of the manufacture of the Leroy-Dubois Faiencerie, in existence from 1899-1918. This is a charming piece, albeit unmarked, and painted with humour. The condition is excellent, with only a few 'nicks' to the spout and some glaze defects.
Size: Height 16cm., max.width 15cm.
Ref: Y057 ~ Price 15GBP