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24th October 2017 
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British Studio Pottery. Phil Rogers Ash Glazed Unomi

British Studio Pottery Phil Rogers Ash Glaze Unomi

This classic ash glazed Phil Rogers Unomi is decorated with a simple impressed mark repeated in groups of two and three around the sides of the piece. The characteristic deep base, lightly glazed in brown, bears the 'PR' impressed monogram, and the interior is covered in the same ash glaze as the exterior. It is in excellent undamaged condition.
Size: Height 10.5cm., max.diam. 9cm.
Ref: Y028 ~ Price 65GBP

British Studio Pottery. Jim Malone Med. Jug

British Studio Pottery Jim Malone Medieval style Jug

A sturdy flat-bottomed jug of traditional shape, in stoneware and decorated in a green-grey glaze over grey. The punched handle and neck edge are highlighted in paler tones. The glaze is very reflective, which accounts for the lack of clarity in the photos. This piece is stamped with 'B' and the potter's initials, and is without damage. Purchased from the potter in the early 2000's.
Size: Height 17cm., max.diam. 12cm. excluding handle, weight 846gm.
Ref:Q241 ~ Price 95GBP

British Studio Pottery. Ruthanne Tudball Tankard

British Studio Pottery Ruthanne Tudball Faceted Tankard

This large stoneware tankard by Ruthanne Tudball is glazed in dark brown over orange, with trails
of grey slip emphasizing the faceting. It is a substantial, heavily modelled piece, and has a distinctive shell input on the foot rim at the base of the handle, next to the potter's personal mark. The condition is excellent, without fault.
Size: Height 11.5cm., base diam. 9.5cm.
Ref: R033 ~ Price 35GBP

British Studio Pottery. DavidLeach lidded pot

British Studio Pottery David Leach Tin Glaze Lidded bowl

An attractive lidded bowl in a red earthenware, finished with a tinglaze , a characteristic David Leach feature involving the use of a manganese and iron slip, covered with a white tin glaze. The resulting greyish glaze has pooling of the white glaze around knop and handles, with the lid decoration painted on in black, filling in the the cut -through Sgraffito. The result is interesting! This piece dates from the period 1956-1961 at Lowerdown, and is in very good condition with just a little contact rubbing or roughness on the lid underside, at the point it settles in to the base. It has the potter's stamp just above the bottom edge.
Size: Widest diam 11.5 cm., height 9 cm.
Ref: Y036 ~ Price GBP 55

British Studio Pottery. Warwick Parker Stoneware Bowl

British Studio Pottery Warwick Parker Handled Bowl

This very pleasingly-shaped hollow-Handled Stoneware Bowl potted by Warwick Parker, bears his stamped mark 'WP' on the outside rim of the bowl , below the handle. It is in excellent, undamaged condition, and is fully glazed with the exception of the base. The bowl's interior glaze is in shades of grey-brown to deeper brown on the top rim, and is speckled in brown. The pot has an interior decorative line running round from the handle.
Size: Bowl diam. 13cm., Handle length 5.5cm., Depth 5cm.
Ref: Z005 ~ Price 25GBP

British Studio Pottery. Agnete Hoy Incised Vase

British Studio Pottery Agnete Hoy Stoneware Incised Vase

The exterior of this small vase has a strongly incised band of leaves outlined in brown on yellow on a honey-coloured glazed base, tapering below the decoration to a narrower foot. This very attractive piece is in perfect condition and clearly marked on the base with Agnete Hoy's impressed mid-1950's mark 'Bullers' and a barely legible number. The interior of the vase is also covered with the same honey-coloured glaze as the exterior, but devoid of other marking.
Size: Height 9cm., top diam. 7cm., foot diam. 4.5cm.
Ref: V034 ~ Price 45GBP

British Studio Pottery. Jane Hamlyn Plate

British Studio Pottery Jane Hamlyn Salt-Glazed Plate

This very attractive small stoneware dish has a grey-brown saltglaze finish, with a design of complimentary wavy lines and coloured splashes in greens and blues. The dish rim is flattened, with a design of shallow concentric lines. This piece is in excellent condition and is stamped with the potter's mark 'JH' on the base rim.
Size: 19.5cm., depth 2.5cm.
Ref: K682 ~ Price 30GBP

British Studio Pottery. David Leach Brush Pot

British Studio Pottery David Leach Lowerdown Brushpot

A small brushpot or vase in grey stoneware and in a slightly waisted shape which renders the piece easy to hold in the hand. Externally, it has a tenmoku glaze over a lighter tan, with a pattern of small dashes running down the length of the body. Between these rows are long sgraffito - like lines, with an underlying grey glaze showing through. In all, a rather complicated decoration on a pleasantly functional item The vase is marked on the base with the potter's initials and the Lowerdown mark, both incised. It is in undamaged condition.
Size: Height 10 cm., max diam 7.5cm
Ref: Y061 ~ Price 55.

British Studio Pottery. Tim Andrews Small Deep Pink Vase

British Studio Pottery Tim Andrews Small Vase

A small posy vase, in a porcellaneous clay, decorated with 'squiggles' or combing from top to bottom, beneath a deep pink glaze. This pretty little piece is stamped with the potter's mark on the base rim, and dates from his time at the Lowerdown Pottery, with David Leach, from where it was purchased. It is in excellent, undamaged condition.
Size: Height 7cm., max.diam. 5cm.
Ref: F496 ~ Price 15GBP

British Studio Pottery. Sheila Casson Cup & Saucer

British Studio Pottery Sheila Casson Stoneware Cup and Saucer

This beautifully potted cup and saucer from Sheila Casson is covered with lustrous copper-coloured glaze. The cup has a ring of spirals round the body, and bears the potter's mark for 1977. The saucer is 'tweaked' in four places. Both pieces are in excellent undamaged condition.
Size: Cup height 7cm., diam.9cm., saucer diam.14cm.
Ref: T011 ~ Price 25GBP

British Studio Pottery. Phil Rogers Stoneware Unomi

British Studio Pottery Phil Rogers Large Unomi

A large stoneware unomi with a yellow-brown interior and externally, a tan colour with a salt - glazed finish. The upper part of the pot above the curve to the base, has a textured, dimpled effect with colour and texture randomly emphasized by the salt - glazing. This unomi has a heavy, raised foot, a feature typical of the potter, with his initials stamped on the side. It is a substantial, satisfying piece, in perfect condition.
Size: Height 8.5cm., max.diam. 13cm., Weight 500gm.
Ref: P115 ~ Price 90GBP

British Studio Pottery. Philippa Cronin 'Torn Rim' Bowl

British Studio Pottery (Philippa Cronin ?) Spectacular Slip-decorated Bowl marked 'PC'

This fine stoneware bowl, probably coil-built, has a 'pulled and torn' edge. Its form is emphasised with a series of slips; pinks and lilac on greys, pooling in the bottom of the bowl. This unusual piece has a very clear raised monogram 'PC' on the base edge, and is thought to be the work of Philippa Cronin, dating from the late 1970's. It is in excellent condition, with no faults.
Size: Height 7cm., diam. 17.5cm.
Ref: E999 ~ Price 18GBP

British Studio Pottery. John Maguire Lidded Pot

British Studio Pottery John Maguire Stoneware Pot with Cover

A footed pot with an inset, fitting lid and moulded knop, glazed in grey and burgundy on a white base. The design emphasizes the throwing rings on the foot and top of the pot, and on the lid. The base of the pot is stamped with John Maguire's mark and also bears a paper label. It is in excellent, undamaged condition and dates from the early 1990's, when John Maguire was at the Strathearn Pottery in Crieff, Perthshire.
Size: Height 14cm., max.diam. 11.5cm.
Ref: H236 ~ Price 30GBP

British Studio Pottery. Trevor Chaplin Salt-Glazed Unomi

Studio Pottery Trevor Chaplin Salt-Glaze Yunomi

This very attractive salt-glazed yunomi by Trevor Chaplin is a classic example of a beautifully shaped and glazed studio pot, with many other interesting features of shape and glaze. Trevor Chaplin's apparently simple pot has a complex grooved and shaped base and carries his raised mark 'TC' on the visible part of the base. This lovely little pot is in perfect condition.
Size: Height 9.5cm., max.diam. 7cm.
Ref: P258 ~ Now Sold